Monitoring CD8a+ T Cell Responses to Radiotherapy and CTLA-4 Blockade Using [64Cu]NOTA-CD8a PET Imaging

Current response assessment systems for cancer patients receiving immunotherapy are limited. This is due to the associated inflammatory response that may confound the conventional morphological response evaluation criteria in solid tumors and metabolic positron emission tomography (PET) response criteria in solid.

Recently, novel PET imaging techniques using radiolabeled antibodies and fragments have emerged as a particularly sensitive and specific modality for quantitative tracking of immune cell dynamics. Therefore, we sought to investigate the utility of Cu-64 labeled F(ab)′2 fragments for in vivo detection of CD8a+ T cells as a prognostic imaging biomarker of response to immunotherapy in an immunocompetent mouse model of colorectal cancer.

In the publication we demonstrate how PET imaging of CD8+ T cells were able to distinguish responders and non-respondors prior to treatment-induceds changes in tumor volume among. To read more please see full article.

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